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Compleate hardware kits for all our kits

PX-300 NX-300 NX-320 PX-335 NX-365 NX-400 GX-480 QX-400


The PX-300 is our newest design that has set the standard for performance in the Fast Electric P-Limited class.


The NX-300 is the same outstanding hull design, but modified to run a nitro outboard motor. If you want to race or just have fun the NX-300 is one of the best performing RC tunnels hulls on the market today


The NX-320 is our 32" hull designed for todays modified .21 engines. The added length helps handle that added power The 320 is at home on the race course or just running around for fun


The PX-335 is our entry in the Fast Electric P class. At 33" long this boat has room for 2, 4S batteries and can handle the hottest electric motor, for some of the best performance in this hotter class


Our newest hull designed for the 7.5 Outboard. This 36" hull can handle even the hottest 7.5 engine and turns like its on rails


The NX-400 is our largest Nitro hull. At 40" long this was designed for the 11cc Outboard, but many are using this for rough water course with a 7.5 outboard.


The GX-480 Gas Tunnel Hull, now holds the IMPBA straight line and 1/3 oval record set by Rick Grim. Congradulations Rick!!


The QX-400 Fast Electric Tunnel Hull, for the new Q class tunnel hulls

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Tuned Pipes

Tuned Pipes also known as "Expansion chambers''. These are HTB pipes, designed by Mark Hopper to deliver excellent performance and are easy to tune. They include a silicon coupler and mounting rod

#6100   $105.00   .21 Outboard Pipe - Original design ( it has a longer rear cone angle. It's a little better top end on most applications)

#6101   $105.95   .21 Outboard Pipe - Heat Racing  (the rear cone has a wider/ steeper angle its a better choice for heat racing

#6102   $115.00  .45 Outboard Pipe

#6103   $125.00  .67 Outboard Pipe


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